Do you have an IKEA by you? If you do, I’m willing to bet you’ve been there if only to check it out and see what it’s all about. We have two within striking distance of us. We typically stick to one in the south Chicago burbs as it’s not quite as busy. The one in the north burbs is huge and in a major shopping area so it’s like Christmas there every weekend with traffic and crowds.

We were all set to head to IKEA Saturday morning when we realized, why are we going on a weekend when there’s going to be much fewer people there on a Monday? Nicole doesn’t work Mondays so we have the freedom to do things like errands then when it’s less crowded. So in a little while, we’re off to IKEA.

I enjoy walking around the store. They have small “rooms” set up so you can come up with ideas that fit your home readily. And their prices are good. We’ve purchased several items over the years from them including kitchen utensils, lamps, candles, and of course furniture. I’ve never felt like we’ve been ripped off or anything is overpriced. That’s kind of a requirement when you’re going to spend your hard earned money in an establishment.

Also, did you know that IKEA has a restaurant in their stores? Every time we go, the restaurant is the first stop, especially when it comes to breakfast. You can get their basic breakfast – eggs, bacon/sausage and potatoes – for $1! You can’t beat that. But IKEA does! If you’re there for breakfast, coffee is free. Can you tell I’m looking forward to breakfast this morning?

Have a great start to your week today!



3 Thoughts on “Ikea Visit

  1. I have one within an hour’s drive here in Boston. But, like you, I’d only go to stroll around. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure I think the furniture is that high quality. Assemble-yourself never really appeals to me! 🙂

  2. No doubt the furniture isn’t as good as quality as some others out there. But for the price it works well for the right situation. LOL, I agree with you about the assemble-yourself part Frank, sometimes spending an hour or two putting furniture together can be a little challenging to a person’s patience.

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