I came across this recipe while surfing Pinterest and it looked great. If you’ve ever had Panera’s Broccoli Cheese Soup you know this recipe has delicious potential written all over it. I made it for dinner last night and mmm-mmm, did it turn out good! And yes, the pictures were taken by me. The one thing that threw me was there is no way this recipe serves 6 with only 16 ounces of fluid – 2 cups broth & 2 cups half & half.

Here’s what I would amend about the recipe after our in-home taste testing.

  • Use low or no sodium chicken broth
  • Omit the nutmeg (We didn’t care for it)


One other note – don’t add up the calories because they will make you cry.

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2 Thoughts on “Monday Dinner Recipe – Broccoli Cheese Soup

  1. “One other note – don’t add up the calories because they will make you cry.” Ah well, shoot. My daughter and I love the Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup so I was thinking I’d try your recipe (I tried making broccoli cheese soup myself but it wasn’t a hit) but I also just started a diet that’s calorie-based so… darn it.

    Found you through Nicole who left a comment on my blog and have been reading through all your entries. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your job but very impressed by how you are handling it… especially all the house chores that I, myself a housewife, hate so much. Ha! And I have a love of Excel as well. I’m going to follow you guys on Feedly so I can follow your adventures.

    One question, though, which isn’t related to your soup recipe at all, is this: I see you were talking a lot about saving for retirement prior to your lay-off, but it doesn’t sound like you had much of an emergency fund set aside for situations such as the one you’re in right now. Am I correct? Is that something that you plan on implementing once you’re earning a paycheck again?

    Wishing you the best!

    • Hi Nathalie!
      Thanks for reading through the posts. : )

      The soup isn’t so bad, in moderation. With watching your diet it’s all about moderation. : ) Nicole will tell you, I am pretty careful with what I eat and making sure it’s the right nutrition. I keep to a pretty scheduled fitness & diet routine these days. Having time on your hands will do that, lol.

      Thank you for the words on my job. The loss of my job has actually been a blessing. I was working a ton of hours, had a hard time sleeping, not giving the family (and myself) the right attention and really just a ball of stress. Coming from a guy who didn’t worry before about stress happening to me, I was beginning to see and feel the affects. It really just isn’t worth it, and I feel I’m in a better place these days. I’m kind of digging being the house manager. I’ve taking a liking to cooking and trying different recipes. Pinterest has been a huge help.

      Regarding the emergency fund…we actually are in a pretty good place with having enough set aside for emergencies. My prior position and Nicole’s job, along with our modest lifestyle and not living beyond our means by any measure, has allowed us to have enough of an emergency fund to help us through this time. That is a great point on emergency funds though. You really never know if there would be a need, but it does happen.

      Glad you found us! : )

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