Well, I posted three items on Ebay over the weekend. As a new seller, I’m limited to 5 postings/month or $500/month until my ratings build. One of the items I placed with a Buy It Now option which after some research, I thought was a price I would gladly take for the item. After just three days, bam! I got a Buy It Now for the item. Sure it’s only $30, but what the hell I’ll take it. So, this morning I’m packing it up and getting ready to run it to the PO. Sweet.

Ebay makes the whole process pretty straight-forward, at least from my newbie point of view. Now, I think I’ll list another larger priced item for a Buy It Now of $75 and see how it goes. I have to get used to the whole shipping and Post Office part, but EBay makes it really easy with an automatic tie-in to the Post OFfice. I can estimate, print and pay for postage directly from EBay.



3 Thoughts on “Adventures In Ebay

  1. I’d try listing these items on Nextdoor.com if you have an active community for 2 days before listing them on Ebay…saves shipping since whoever buys it picks it up. And if no one is interested, you move on to the bigger venue. 🙂 Nextdoor,com is free and is like a Facebook forum except just for your neighborhood and the ones around it.

    • I do belong to the community in Nextdoor, it’s not a very active group, but worth a shot. There’s also the local “for sale” groups on Facebook I think I’ll try.

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