Well, it’s been a week since “the day”. It’s been a busy week, applying for unemployment, checking into healthcare and just coming to terms with *not* having a busy work schedule.

Looks like we are covered for the month with regards to money coming in. I have a final check that came in last week and my vacation payout will be in a couple weeks, that will be for a month worth of vacation. So the final paychecks will definitely help out.

I’m pretty proud of us for slamming on the brakes when it comes to spending money and cutting back on expenses. We jumped in with both feet. We can’t say for sure how long I’ll be out of work, so let’s get down to it. I’m looking forward to comparing the MoM (month over month) expenses to see where we saved. Currently, under evaluation for reduced expenses – cable tv and our mobile phone carrier. The current “deal” we receive from Comcast is up in a month or so. We’re going to wait that out and then drop everything but internet. Let’s face it, when you see the streaming options out there, there really is no need for overpriced cable tv. More to come on that with my Cutting The Cord entry I’ll be posting in a few weeks. For our mobile carrier (AT&T), it’s kind of the same deal as cable. After seeing the other options out there, we should have looked to move a while ago. We’ll post an entry on cell phones in the upcoming weeks as well. We’re considering going to Ting Wireless. Nicole has already gone through the comparison, and we will literally be cutting our bill in half.

So I started my EBay adventure over the weekend. I posted a few items and we’ll see how it goes. I already have a bid on the higher priced of the three, so that’s a good start! Today at home, I’m starting to go through room-by-room and collect items for the garage sale. We’ll see how that looks at the end of the day. I also have a new recipe for dinner I’m trying – Cajun shrimp Alfredo. I’ll post a pic to my Unemployed_Average_Joe Instagram account. Click below to follow me. : )




3 Thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. You’ll love Ting! We wasted thousands of dollars by not switching when we first heard about them…oh well. And good luck with all the sales!

  2. Good job getting yourselves in order after the surprise! I went through the same during the recession and your recent posts surely do bring back memories, including the last check with a month of vacation time. That’s the only time I’ve been happy that I didn’t take my time off! 🙂

  3. @Revanche
    So true about being happy I didn’t take time off more! I’ll be glad for that last check with a month of pay on it, it will definitely help.

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