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Video Games

Far Cry 4 – I got into FC4 after taking it out from the library and really got into it. This was a pretty good obsession as I just kept taking it out from the library and didn’t have to buy a copy for myself. Once I finished a game, I rarely go back to play more.

Disney Tsum Tsum – Say what you want, this game is highly addictive. I play every day. It’s a good time waster if you’re bored.


Eggs – I’ve always liked eggs, but with really watching my diet and exercising, I’ve been careful with how much protein I take in on a daily basis. In addition to whey protein, I’ve been eating eggs like it’s no ones business. There was a point in time a couple weeks ago when I had 9 dozen in the refrigerator. Yes, 9 dozen! And I didn’t waste any; I ate all of them. I like to keep a carton of hard boiled in the fridge for a breakfast addition or a quick snack. It’s a cheap way to help out your diet. Costco typically has really good prices on their eggs. Our local Costco recently changed their eggs up a bit. They used to be 3 dozen for $1.69. Recently they changed them to a different brand and there’s only 2 dozen for more. Our local produce markets always have good prices, though, so we switch where we buy them as needed.


Biking – for the last couple months I’ve been biking longer distances. I’m really digging getting out on the bike. I started out with just a few miles here and there. Now, I go out a couple times a week and knock out 15-20 miles each time. Great cardio!

Weights – I had thought I found a good routine with lifting every three days. I found a good combination of exercises and stretches I really like. As I get older, I find that I’m a bit more prone to injury, so I’ve been really careful to take it slow and back off at any sign of injury. It’s happened a few times where something gets more sore than from a typical workout, so I press the pause button and go back to it when I feel better. See, I really jacked up my shoulder a while back in addition to my elbow, to the point where it took nearly a year to feel normal again. Crazy right? But that’s been a while now so I’ve been lifting now for months without any real “injury”. It’s been great. But last week I tweaked my elbow again and it’s been just a little sore every day since. I backed off lifting just in case. I’m hoping it goes away soon so I can get back to it. But when you find the right routine, you get excited to lift. I have to adjust my routine, but I still look forward to getting my lifting in.


Google Play Music – I may have mentioned Google Play Music before, but it’s still part of my every day routine. Tons of different playlists to choose from no matter what you’re in the mood for. My faves include: Today’s Country Hits and 2016 Summer Dance Party

MPOW Bluetooth Adapter – My car is just old enough to not have any of the Bluetooth integration. So we’ve been using a cord to connect a cell phone to the radio for trips and such. Not that the cord is a big PITA, but it kind of is. So we picked this up on Amazon after getting tired of having a cord all over to connect to my auxiliary port in the car. The reviews are great at 4.5 stars with nearly 4k reviews. So far, so good! This device works like a charm. And only $15.99! If you don’t have Bluetooth in your vehicle but have the auxiliary port, this device works really well.



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