Ah Sundays.

Something about Sundays that makes me want to do absolutely nothing all day but eat, drink and relax. For some reason I enjoy turning on the Palladia channel (MTV Live now) and listening to the concerts they run on the weekends all day long. It’s also the one day I like to enjoy a good Bloody Mary. Not one of those premix ones. Those are decent, but I make mine entirely from scratch, and they come out pretty damn good. I’ll be enjoying one of those in an hour or so.

So for the upcoming week I’ve already started my meal planning. And more complicated recipes this week too. Pinterest makes looking for recipes too easy! I already have a host of different recipes via Nicole. She’s a damn good cook with an arsenal of recipes. I’ll be using some of hers, and taking the opportunity to try a few more. More on those as the week goes on. With our new found budget we’ve been tossed into, over the next couple months I’m hoping to get through much of the items we’ve been storing in the freezer but just haven’t used yet. It’s a good time to use what we have to save some $$.

I’m off to get another cup of coffee and jot down some blog post ideas for the week. Enjoy your Sunday!



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