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It’s no secret amongst my peers that I am a huuuuge Target fan. I don’t work for them, I just love them! I buy 85% of our groceries there – pretty much everything except particular canned items and produce which I can find cheaper elsewhere.

Our pantry is currently overflowing thanks to all the coupons and deals we stacked at our local SuperTarget during our latest trip Saturday morning. Our initial total was $108. After mobile coupons, Target & manufacturer coupons, Target Cartwheel for iOS & Target Cartwheel for Android* discounts, and 5% for using our Target REDcard, the final total due was $75!!! And that doesn’t include the two free $5 gift cards we were given for buying certain amounts of things we needed.

I just such a high from saving so much money! Best of all, this was for things we’d buy anyway (although admittedly, I probably don’t need to have nine bags of Annie’s kettle corn, but they’re good until May so as long as I pace myself (haha) I should be good). I just need to keep in mind that we definitely don’t need ketchup or mayo for at least the next six months so nothing spoils before we can use it.

I waver between loving having a fully (over)stocked pantry and feeling a little overwhelmed by it. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years of not buying so much that it expires before I can use it. But there have been exceptions. The expired items I had to throw out recently were half a box of Bisquick and some syrup. We rarely make pancakes or waffles so we plan to make the batter from scratch from now on and not stock up on syrup anymore.

Before we completed our transaction, the cashier handed me a coupon for 20% of our entire shopping trip which is valid next weekend. There’s no way I can resist it, so I’ll need to put together a list of things we will need soon (since other than eggs and other basic staples we’re covered for awhile). I’ll make sure ketchup and mayo are not on the list!

* I once had a Target employee tell me she didn’t think the Cartwheel was worth the hassle. Well, I guess if $143 saved is nothing in her eyes, more power to her, but that’s like anywhere between 2-4 shopping trips for us. It’s well worth it to me!


3 Thoughts on “Our Pantry is Overflowing Thanks to SuperTarget

  1. Kristi on December 8, 2014 at 2:24 pm said:

    Did you mean to say your initial total was $208 (instead of $108)? I only ask because at the bottom you mention saving $143.

    I only started using coupons, Cartwheel, iBotta, and all sorts of other apps to save money, and I totally get the “high” you are talking about. It does take a lot of time and effort to plan (but maybe this will get easier with practice)… but it’s totally worth it and I only wish I’d been doing all of this decades ago. So much money wasted!

    • The $143 saved in the Cartwheel is since I started using it. I wish I saved that much in one shopping trip; that would be even better!

      It does take time to plan which is why I do most of my shopping at Target. I find I get the most bang for my buck there with all the different ways you can save. I feel like the people who insist on shopping at Jewel and/or not taking advantage of all these coupons and apps are really doing themselves a disservice (I only mean the ones who gave the ability/access but are too stubborn to try it).

      I’ve also started using ibotta, Snap, and Checkout51 recently. I just check them after I’ve shopped and get money back for what I bought. I love it!

  2. Kristi on December 8, 2014 at 2:25 pm said:

    *only RECENTLY started, I meant to say. 😉

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