This is our vacuum cleaner. It’s not pretty by any means. We didn’t even bother to take the sticker off the front when we bought it ten years ago! The plastic piece on the back that held the cord broke off last year which is why the cord is wrapped around it the way it is. It has seen better days, that’s for sure, but it still works like a champ!

I was pretty bummed when the cord recently starting coming apart; it was fraying at the point where it went into the cleaner. I was worried we’d have to buy a new vacuum and that did not make me happy because 1) it still works perfectly fine and 2) we have spare vacuum bags and a belt in the garage which we already purchased and likely wouldn’t work on a new model since ours is a decade old. Luckily my handy husband was able to open it up and fix the cord using tools we already had in the house. What a relief!

Think about the things you own that break. Do you instantly throw them away and buy a replacement, or do you try to fix them? Don’t get me wrong – we don’t all have the skills to fix every thing we own, but perhaps we know someone who does. I think it’s worth it to evaluate the costs between fixing and replacing things to get the most bang for your buck.

Plus, I’m not sure about you, but I get a little rush when we’re able to avoid extra costs by fixing something or finding a free solution. It frees up our money to spend on more important things instead of a boring old vacuum cleaner.

What things have you fixed instead of replacing?


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