In addition to Target and Walmart, we regularly shop at Costco for groceries. Costco is fun to browse since they carry such a range of items. But inevitability it happens – we end up buying several items not on our list. I know we shouldn’t be so impulsive, but sometimes it happens for good reason. Take our trip today to Costco, for instance. We stopped for gas and a couple grocery items. We planned to stick to our list but it didn’t quite end up that way.

We actually did pretty good this time, and only ended up with a couple extra items. After perusing the sample stations they have set up around the store we ended up getting just a couple items not on our list – eggs, which were an awesome price at $2.65/3 dozen, and Italian chicken sausage which were just too tasty to pass up. What can I say, those samples do get you to buy more.

Normally we’re careful shoppers and stick to our list. But when we don’t, we will typically go through a pretty extensive thought process. Such as, how much per pound is it? How many meals can we get from it? Are we sure we like that brand? Is it good quality? Is it really a good price? Questions like that ensure we’re not wasting our money.



3 Thoughts on “Just Purchase One Thing From Costco? Not Likely.

  1. I literally walked in, grabbed a rotisserie chicken, paid, and walked out with it at Costco last week. Believe me, I was surprised just as much as the checkout lady and the receipt checker…

    • Too funny. I’m sure Costco has the data, I wonder how many single item transactions they have as a percentage of total sales. I would bet it’s pretty low. We’ve done good at sticking to the list every once in a while, but I don’t think we’ve picked up just one thing.

  2. We’re members at Sam’s Club (discounted membership from work; don’t judge me) and we have managed to go in and just grab one or two items on several occasions. It takes a lot of will power but, since they moved DVDs out of sight, it’s much easier.

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